Customized Ceramic Memorial Plaques for Graves - Art in Stone
We supply custom designed ceramic plaques for headstones. The base material (verified industrial porcelain) coupled with a tightly controlled manufacturing process enables us to be confident to offer a LIFE TIME WARRANTY. You can buy in the knowledge that these plaques are supported by extensive independent scientific testing

The High gloss surface of these plaques are similar to toughened glass so as well as being very resistant to scratches and general abrasion its smooth surface enable debris and dirt to simply wash off during the rain.

Permanite plaques are a combination of the latest digital print technology that enables us to print colour-fast ceramic pigments that are fired at 900c to lock in the full colour photographic images that will never alter over time
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Ceramic Plaques
art in stone ceramic plaque design
Pet Ceramic Plaque
Pet ceramic plaque
Pet ceramic plaque
Baby ceramic plaque
Ceramic plaque
Cartoon Plaque